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One East 161st Street,
Yankee Stadium - Gate 6
Bronx, NY 10451

Phone Number
Hours Of Operation
Yankee Stadium • TBD.

Dining Limit:

5 or less guests 1.5 hours

6 or more guests 2 hours

10 or more guests 2.5 hours

Late Arrivals:

All guests in your reserved party must arrive and be checked in at NYY Steak at the time of your reservation in order to be seated. NYY Steak offers a 15 minute grace period whenever possible, but it is not guaranteed.

Change in Party Size:

If your party size should increase or decrease without advanced arrangements your reservation may not be guaranteed. It will be accommodated if possible, otherwise your group may be added to a wait list for the next available seating time.

Weather/Game Delays/Tie games: Please note all reservations will be honored to the best of our ablility during these instances, though are no longer guaranteed.

Walk-Ins: First come, first serve to the NYY Steak Bar and cocktail area.